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Dogs versus ducks...and life in a chapel

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of online dating you’ll know the importance of asking the following question before agreeing to a date:
Do you have a girlfriend/wife/partner?
I learnt this after a handful of dates involving men casually mentioning their girlfriend as part of our dinner conversation:
“Oh, you have a girlfriend?” I’d say in shock. “Yes,” he’d nonchalantly reply. “Did you think that maybe you should have mentioned her on your dating profile or in a message to me before you invited me out on a date?” “Oh yeah, I guess so…”
When it comes to renting a house, there are also some key questions worth asking before agreeing to a move-in-date. Like, how are the neighbours?
We asked this particular question to the property owner before signing a tenancy agreement for a very a cute fourteenth century cottage in a quiet village in the English countryside and her response was:
“They’re lovely people. They have a couple of dogs that are well behaved and you’ll never hear from them”. In hindsig…

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