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The honorable surrogate penis?

Walking down an alleyway in the Lao capital, Vientiane, I came across a cock and balls, spray-painted on a corrugated iron wall next to a series of shacks. It made me wonder whether there is any country in the world where men are able to resist the temptation of drawing their dicks in public places?

What drives a man to wallpaper the town with pictures of willies? Could the simple penis be the answer to world peace? The adoration of it seems to be the one thing that men from all races and religions have in common, no?

Towards the end of last year a U.S. Navy aircrew was grounded after using their fighter jet to draw a giant penis in the sky with the exhaust.
Here in Thailand, not content to just doodle their doddles on toilet walls – local men take wiener worship to the next level by wearing small penis statues around their waists. They are called Palad Khiks and the Thai words translate to ‘honorable surrogate penis’.
Traditionally they are worn under clothing, off-centre from the real…

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