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Travelling through fear

A woman came up to me after my gig on the weekend and said that she wished she could be fearless like me. She said she was too afraid to travel. That she was scared about too many things. I think it's interesting that people assume that because I've lived a colourful life and had my fair share of adventure - that I've done it all without fear. I explained to her that I am scared all the time. Scared of big things - like the unknown, like loneliness on the road, like shit going wrong when I'm far from home. And scared of the little things - like not getting enough sleep when I'm staying in noisy places, like missing my daily intake of broccoli, like hurting my back when I'm lugging all my crap from train to plane to bus. But for some reason I do it anyway. The fear never leaves. It's a daily thing. But the brightness of the 'new' - new landscapes, new human connections, new scents and tastes - has a way of outweighing the scary stuff and leaving me f…

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