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Silent night, holy night

What do I love most about living in England? The sonic-nothingness.
I’ve always been sensitive to sound. I’m the girl who asks the waitress to turn down (sometimes turn off) the music in the cafĂ©. Usually this happens within the first ten minutes of arriving, when I can no longer pay attention to the conversation I’m having with my tea-drinking buddy and start looking around at the other patrons who are all raising their voices to match the volume of the music. It’s at this point, shaking my head in disgust, I’ll ask my friend if they think the music is too loud and usually before they get a chance to answer I will have flagged down the waitress with my request to turn it down.
It came as no surprise, then, that life in Bangkok – with the constant grinding of traffic, hammering of construction sites, and humming of air-conditioning units – sent my audio sensitivity levels into the red.
What I hadn’t expected was that I’d find my sound-heartland here in England – and that it would be more…

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