Under the Covers...

A few weeks ago I saw a friend of a friend post a video on their Facebook page. It was of a young American lad called Taylor Goldsmith, singing a song he wrote called 'A little bit of everything'. I'd never heard of him, or his band 'Dawes' but decided to press play. By the fourth line of the song, with his lyrics circling and swirling over my skin, my body was covered in goosebumps. It's rare that a song can move me so forcefully - at first listen - particularly one that has been written in modern times but this song is something else. I spent the next few weeks learning the lyrics (of which there are many!) and chords and thought I'd share my version of this truly beautiful song with you:
Another songwriter who always blows me away, no matter how many times I listen to her albums, is the one and only Joni Mitchell. I've just uploaded a new youtube clip of my version of 'Carey' which you can view here:
As you can see... I've been having much fun with my new Zoom Q3 video recorder and have decided that I'd like to share regular cover songs with you. If you've got a request or suggestion - please send it my way and I will see whether I'm capable!


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