Winning prizes and eating pizza

I love eating. Food makes me happy. Maybe that's why my partner whispered the word "pizza" into my ear, just before they announced the winner of the Folk / Singer Songwriter category at this year's Queensland Music Awards.....

Have you ever set yourself a goal that you really, really wanted to achieve? At the start of each year I write a list of goals for myself. Some years I get to cross lots of items off the list and am left with a huge sense of pride...other years I look back over my words and dreams and feel slightly foolish for ever having believed they were possible.

Winning a Q Music Award was on my list for this year... which is why my heart was beating so fast as I sat waiting for them to announce the winner... which brings me to pizza.

You see, what I've learnt from my list-writing-years is the importance of rewarding yourself...of treating yourself to things that make you happy - whether you are 'winning' or 'losing' in life.

Before going to the ceremony, my lad and I had discovered a cute little wood fired pizza place just around the corner from the venue. We decided that it would be the perfect place to have a post-event feast. The anticipation of the meal brought me much joy.

It just so happens that I won (YAY!!!!) which meant that there was a big grin on my face as I devoured my half of the Hawaiian... but even if there had been tears... there still would have been pizza.

;) Ange

Can you spot Katie Noonan at the side of the stage? 
She presented me with my award!
(Photo by John Stubbs - 77 Photography)

With Denise Foley from QMA (Photo by John Stubbs)

P.S. I WON!!!!!
P.P.S. My little glass trophy now has greasy finger prints all over it.
P.P.P.S. For those of you who voted for me in the category of 'Most Popular Female Artist' - thank you so very much. I didn't make it to the final round of voting for that particular award but I was delighted that the very talented Emma Louise took home the title.


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