From Noosa to Nepal...

How does an Aussie folk singer find herself preparing for a jazz festival gig in Nepal?

1) She falls in love with mountains during a road trip across the South Island of New Zealand earlier in the year

2) She thinks about how much she misses the beautiful chaos of Asia

3) She starts to wonder whether her next adventure should combine Asia with mountains...which leads her to thoughts of Nepal

4) She goes to her local organic store and sniffs a few bottles of chemical-free perfume made from essential oils. There's one that speaks to her. She buys it. She later realises the scent is called 'Himalayan Sunset' (hippies might say that this is a sign)

5) She goes to her local travel agent and pretends that she wants to book a trip to Nepal in order to grab a handful of glossy brochures which she cuts out and turns into a collage for her wall (hippies might call this a vision board)

6) She connects with a gorgeous-soul of an Aussie woman who happens to live part-time in Nepal who mentions there's a music festival in Kathmandu

7) She sends her album to the music festival director and waits, and waits and waits for a response

8) She begins noticing prayer flags in places where she has never seen them before and decides that this, along with the perfume, is enough of a reason to book a ticket to Kathmandu

9) She experiences a moment of doubt in her ability to read the signs when she realises (whilst seated at her local Nepalese restaurant) that she doesn't actually like dal bhat and that she has booked a ticket with an airline that is having the worst luck in history (two planes in one year?!)

10) She overcomes these negative emotions when she receives an email from the festival director, welcoming her to perform at the 2014 International Jazzmandu Music Festival.


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