Joni and Jaco...singing in BKK

I'm still struggling to find words to explain what happened at last night's Jaco Pastorius tribute so I thought I'd share this, written by the manager of the venue. My heart is full!

"I was particularly moved when during the second set, a lady stepped on stage and sang two of Joni Mitchell's songs from her Jaco Pastorius years. Her name was Angie and she is an aussie living in Laos. When she saw the Facebook event page she emailed the band and asked to join the tribute concert. It was a beautiful moment of poetry when she sang. Few people knew in the audience Joni was Jaco's biggest supporter. 
This was purely magic. Thank you Angie." 

- Sanya Souvanna Phouma, 
Concert Producer, Maggie Choo's Jazz Bar, BKK


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