A matter of comfort

When it comes to comfortable seating, Laos ranks 185 in the world. Given that it's one of the poorest nations in Asia, I can understand that bum-comfort is not a priority. The Lao people have better things to worry about than the loss of feeling in their lower limbs after sitting too long on a plank of wood.

The chairs in this place feel like they were designed to do permanent damage to one's tailbone. I have never come across such physically challenging furniture in any other part of the world. To address this important issue, I have taken to carrying a butt cushion around town. It's a terribly sexy look.

I stumbled across this couch, placed outside a blue-themed home in a village not far from Luang Prabang a little while ago. It's one of the most padded seats in the region. I'd recommend a trip to Ban Donkeo just to sit on it.


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