Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Buffalo Experiment (#B1B2B3)

I’m about to embark on a journey back to my second home – Thailand. To say that I’m excited about returning to the Land of Smiles is an understatement. Finishing my travel memoir made me realise how much I miss the place … the colour and noise of the streets … the people … the ‘sabaii sabaii’ Thai way. And so I’m heading back to Bangkok to get my fill of Som Tum Salad and mango sticky rice :-)

During my trip I will be launching a little project that I’m calling ‘The Buffalo Experiment’. It will involve leaving three copies of my book (B1, B2 & B3) in three different tourist locations in Thailand in the hope that backpackers will be drawn to pick up the book and take it with them.

Inside each cover is a note that links to my Facebook page and website – asking the traveller to go online and leave a message, photo or even video blog that tells the story of how they came across the book, where they took the book and where they decided to leave it once they’d finished reading.

Where will the three books end up? Chiang Mai? Berlin? Toronto? Or maybe the buffalo will find his way home to me on the Sunshine Coast :-)

If you want to share ‘The Buffalo Experiment’ with your friends on Twitter, be sure to use #B1B2B3 in your tweet!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My new music video and the Ragdoll rash

Dear Friends,
I wouldn't usually support the spread of viruses (given my tendency towards germophobia) but I'm hoping you might be able to help me 'go viral'... I promise that it will not cause ill-effects to your health.

You see, I've just released a music video for my new song 'The Girl & the Glass' and I'm hoping that if you like the clip, you will share it with your friends and family... and Facebook it... and Tweet it and do all those other 'virally' things that allow a little backyard movie to become an online phenomenon (a girl may as well aim high, right?)

The video was born out of a creative collaboration with myself and multi-media guru Natalija Brunovs ( She happens to be exceptionally good at craft and art and photography and animation... and I happen to be ridiculously good at playing the part of a ragdoll. Are you intrigued yet? Here are the links:

'The Girl & the Glass' Music Video:

The Making of... The Girl & the Glass: (with behind the scenes footage and interviews - Hollywood style - ha!)

This acoustic version of the song was recorded at Bloodwood Studios in Doonan by Alan Kelly. The 'real' version will hopefully be recorded sometime in the near future - to feature on my next album.

Holistic Bliss Magazine
The lovely team at Holistic Bliss magazine (which is a publication that features alternative lifestyle and medicine stories) have put me on the cover of their mag this month. You can read the mag online here -

Byron Writers' Festival
For all my session times at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival, head to my Facebook page (the Paul Kelly gig has now sold out!)

OK... may the online ragdoll-rash spread far and wide and lead to some form of splendid world domination... failing that, I hope these videos make you smile.

With gratitude,