Q Song, Yeppoon and the Happy Sun

There’s nothing like celebrating the end of a fabulous festival weekend with an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet dinner at the Happy Sun restaurant in Yeppoon.

I’m not sure what convinced my best friend and I to dine at this particular eatery on the Capricorn Coast. Maybe it was the ornate Asian-style awning hanging over the front door or possibly the tennis-court fake grass at the entrance or just that good old fashioned value-for-money thing kicking in which seemed to override that other old fashioned principle of eating food that contains some sort of nutritional value. But what can I say, I’m a sucker for a good spring roll.

Ah Yeppoon! I have just come back from two nights up north performing at The Village Festival and it just might have taken the lead on my “fave fest” list.

Not only does the town offer buffets on a Sunday night…it also has the most eerie looking bat colony I’ve ever seen. I’m talking thousands of little black tear drops hanging from mangrove swamp trees in the broad daylight, launching into flight as night falls over the seaside town. I won’t go into the town’s claim to fame when it comes to the Hendra virus because it might give you the wrong idea about this wonderful part of the world which is home to one of the most professional and friendly little music festivals in Oz.

Why so good? It was a beautiful mix of awesome talent (including the AMAZING Mr Percival, Mojo Webb, Tijuana Cartel, Rosie Burgess), a well designed festival site with two intimate main stages, perfect weather, friendly and dedicated volunteers, a festival shop run by a superwoman called Leanne…and lovely punters (not to mention that I got to hang with my bestie all weekend). YAY for Yeppoon!

The festival topped off a pretty exciting week for me after winning the Q Music Encouragement Award at last week’s Q Song ceremony in Brisbane. A little bit of pee might have come out when they called my name, but I managed to control the bladder long enough to get on stage and accept my snaz-looking glass trophy which, I’ve discovered, when placed on my stereo opposite my television reflects the images so perfectly that I can view my favourite program whilst seated on the loo (not that this hippy is addicted to trashy TV or anything – but I do appreciate multi-functional things). I also won a full day in a recording studio in Brisbane which I plan to use to put down a few new tunes.

The award resulted in some extra airplay last week – with Tip Toes played on ABC Brisbane, ABC Coast FM and Triple J. ABC Radio National’s Michael Mackenzie mentioned the award on his program after he played Brown Shoes last week, saying Aniseed Tea was “one of the great local albums of this year”. YAY and YAY again!

I had a really special gig a few weekends ago here on the Sunshine Coast. It was a private house concert in Eumundi – unplugged, just me in the lounge room - chatting and singing for forty people in a beautiful home surrounded by tropical trees. I’d really like to do more of these intimate kind of shows….so if you know of anyone with a space that would suit a house concert and friends who love to listen to music…feel free to pass on my details!

If you live in Sydney – I have two dates free at the moment – October 15 or 18 and would love to fill them with a house concert-style gig.

I think that’s about all. Oh – if you tweet – I am now on twitter so feel free to follow me (twitter.com/angetakats)

Sunny Coasters….I’m going to be playing Peregian Originals next month so put September 20 in the diary and pray for sunshineJ

Sydney gigs coming up after that and hopefully (crossing all my fingers and toes) I’ll be back at Woodford at the end of the year. I should find out in a few weeks time.

Thanks for reading! Sending you all the good stuff.


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