A Christmas gift for you(tube)

I first heard this song in Singapore. A Thai musician had told me to buy myself a Bonnie Raitt CD after he heard me sing in a Bangkok bar.

"You need to get her early stuff - from the 70's. She's the only woman I know who can balance strength with sweetness. You could learn a lot from her," he'd said.

On a lonely afternoon in Singapore, where I'd been sent to work for a month, I decided to take his advice and walked into a music store - purchasing two Bonnie albums from the 70s.

I popped the first into my CD Walkman (those were the days) and pressed play ... and fell in love with Bonnie ... and this song (which was written by John Prine).

It's the closest I'll ever get to singing a Christmas Carol (it qualifies due to the word 'angel' being used throughout) ... and so it's my Christmas gift to you.

x Ange


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