Pumpkins and Infatuation

When I lived in Canada several years ago I fell in love with two things - a boy, and pumpkin pie. The boy is now a distant memory, but for some strange reason the pumpkins have stayed with me. There was something magical about driving down a highway and stopping at an old farmhouse to pick up a fresh pumpkin pie. Usually there'd be pumpkins on display around the front of the homestead - piled up around letterboxes, planted on top of fence posts - like little splashes of orange sunshine along the highway.

A few weeks ago I approached Brisbane artist Danielle O'Brien to discuss the possibility of having her paint something special for my album cover. We had a big brainstorming session during which we discussed the name of the album - Arva - which is a country town in Canada. She asked me what images came to mind when I thought about that town in Ontario ... the answer was pumpkins.

The next day she emailed me an enchanting album cover concept that involved - in part - a love-heart shaped pumpkin sitting on top of my head (along with many other splendid things!). Given the single that I'm launching today is all about love, it seemed appropriate to take the pumpkin-heart element of Danielle's painting and use it on the cover of the single. 

When I locked in the release date, I actually had no idea that October 31 was Halloween...it was Danielle who pointed out the synchronicity when I emailed her about the cover.

I'd like to think of my full album as a pumpkin pie... and the single as a little slice... to whet your appetite for the music and art that is to come when I launch all 11 tracks in February 2013. I will cross my fingers that it makes you hungry for more!

Written by Ange Takats
Recorded, produced and mixed by J. Walker
Main vocal + backing vocals by Ange Takats
Guitar, percussion, vibraphone, strings, double bass, piano by J. Walker
Trumpet by Colin Chandler

For more on Danielle O'Brien click here


  1. I am loving the single and looking forward to the new album!


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