Sonic dots and strings

Every now and then, a sad song falls out. That's what happened a few weeks before I flew to Victoria to record my album last year. I had all my tracks mapped out ... and then 'Last on his List' happened. I emailed a rough demo of the song to my producer J. Walker. He emailed back with - 'it's a keeper'


Soon enough I was sitting in a cold, old wooden hall in Gippsland, pouring my sorrow into a microphone as I played a few soft chords on the guitar.

A few days later, as the rain came down outside J. Walker's recording studio, I listened to him lay down one violin track, and then another, and another ... then cello, layer upon layer ... then double bass. He was joining my sonic dots with his strings.

When he hit play at the end of that day, his arrangement reduced me to tears. I cried not only because of the dark beauty of the instrumentation - but because I had found a producer who understood the picture that I was trying to create - who was able to shade my sadness with the perfect amount of black, white and grey.


If this song moves you, I would love you to share the link on your Facebook page or email it to your friends.

Thank you.
x Ange


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