Wine, donkeys and a beagle named Yani

It's such a pity I don't drink alcohol. I've just spent four days hanging out in one of the best wine-making region's in Australia - driving past hills covered in vines, dripping with grapes. I did, however, manage to get drunk. Not on wine, but on the kindness of friends - old and new - who handed me bowls of chilli con carne and homemade chocolate brownies after my gigs ... who allowed me to fall asleep in the back seat as they drove me home after late-night concerts ... who introduced me to their pet donkeys (Lavender and Snowflake) ... who made me feel 'at home' despite being many miles away from my own.

I had a wonderful time in South Australia supporting Irish songstress EleanorMcEvoy. We performed three concerts together. The first was in a heritage-listed courthouse surrounded by roses in full bloom. The second was in a candle-lit concert hall in the Barossa Valley with a stage that featured the most spectacular floor-to-ceiling pipe organ. 

And the final concert was in an old stone church full of Tibetan prayer flags - where a seat was reserved in the front row for a Beagle named Yani.

Big thanks to the following beautiful people who made my mini tour possible: Eleanor, Val, Geoff & Wendy,  Rarnee, Cherie & Ivan, Kathy & David, Jamie & Vicki.

More photos from my tour HERE


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