Lazarus and the mountains

I asked my new travel buddy what he wanted to be called and he replied "Lazarus". Being in Nepal and all, I'd kinda imagined he'd choose something slightly more exotic, like Swami Harami or Baba Ganeshi but the only name that kept being said (in an almighty voice in my head) was Lazarus. We have become the best of friends and have been enjoying such things as: mountain views, momos, cloud watching and rooftop jams. Thanks to my darling friend Jesslee for letting me borrow her guitar from her Kathmandu apartment. Thanks also to the hostess on Buddha Airlines who said, as I boarded the plane to Pokhara, "Let me take your guitar and put it somewhere safe. Enjoy your flight". I wonder if anyone from Jetstar has ever uttered those words to a musician boarding a plane with an instrument.


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